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 World's Fastest Processor

A new computer chip nicknamed Bulldozer just earned the title of the world's fastest computer processor. Just don't expect it to bring the same record-breaking performance to PCs any time soon.
Computer chip-maker Advanced Micro Devices announced yesterday that a team of technicians overclocked their new 8-core FX processor to a speed of 8.429GHz, surpassing the previous Guinness-certified speed record of 8.309 gigahertz. For perspective, that's triple the performance of what's typically found inside powerful laptop.

Although the company now officially has bragging rights, there's one caveat: the feat involved dousing the chip with liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium to prevent it from overheating. Taking into account that the testers revved up performance by relying on some pretty heavy-duty coolants with temperature properties ranging between minus 180 and minus 230 degrees Celsius, this method can be quite impractical -- to say the least.
However, the stunt did demonstrate that the new chip is "temporarily able to withstand extreme conditions to achieve amazing speed," according to the company's blog. The company also pointed out that implementing more modest and realistic cooling methods like fans and inexpensive water systems would still enable the Bulldozer chip to reach clock frequencies "well above" 5 GHz.
AMD is so confident in the reliability of this new technology that they're ensuring that the product will be ready-made for overclocking once it launches in the final quarter of 2011. In a statement, the company said: "All FX branded products, including the upcoming AMD FX CPU, will offer completely unlocked processor clock multipliers for easier PC enthusiast overclocking, and include exclusive AMD software through the AMD VISION Engine to fine-tune system performance."
But the release does include a warning:
"Note: AMD's product warranty does not cover damages caused by overclocking. Extreme overclocking with liquid helium and liquid nitrogen should only be attempted by professional overclockers."
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 World's Fastest RAM for Desktop PC

G.SKILL’s TridentX Memory Reaches DDR3 3,900MHz! Officially the World’s fastest RAM!
Taipei City, Taiwan - 13th Nov 2012
Congratulations to professional overclockers “HiCookie” and “Christian Ney” for breaking memory frequency world records with G.SKILL’s flagship – TridentX Extreme Performance Memory Series!

Earlier this month, professional overclocker “HiCookie” first posted his official memory clock score on, boasting his world’s fastest memory frequency at DDR3 3,354MHz with ultra low Cas Latency CL11, on INTEL’s Ivy Bridge – Core i7 3770K CPU & GIGABYTE Z77X-UD4H motherboard!
HiCookie’s submission on

Few days after, professional overclocker “Christian Ney” shattered his own world memory frequency record on AMD platforms, pushing G.SKILL’s TridentX to an incredible speed at DDR3 3,900MHz on Christian Ney’s submission on
GIGABYTE GA-A75-UD4H motherboard!

We would like to thank both overclockers for their effort and hard work, benching their way to world’s number 1 spot with the fastest RAM in the world – G.SKILL TridentX Series! It is once again proven that there’s no doubt about G.SKILL’s superior quality and is definitely a force to be reckoned with!
As Bill Wang – VP at G.SKILL states “Despite being world’s fastest RAM manufacturer, G.SKILL will continue to strive for first-class quality at a most competitive pricing to the market.”
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 World's Fastest Gaming GPU

Nvidia has its answer to the R9 series

Hot on the heels of new top-end cards from AMD comes this, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti – a new gaming flagship card that's a bulked up version of the GTX 780. It's also a cheaper version of the GBP £840/USD $999/AUD $1,200 GTX Titan, the compute king.
Thankfully the GTX 780 Ti will be somewhat cheaper, priced at £550 in the UK and $699 in the US (around AUD $736).
But of course, it's still out of the reach of most users. The price represents a considerable outlay on top of the GTX 780.It's also more expensive than our favourite new AMD card, the AMD Radeon R9-290 as well as its more expensive and barely-better brother, the AMD Radeon R9 290X.

The new card features the same GK110 GPU seen in the Titan

All three of those Nvidia cards use different variants of the same GPU - the 28nm GK110 based on Nvidia's Kepler architecture.
Nvidia claims a performance bump of around 12% over the GTX 780 for the GTX 780Ti. That's not surprising when you consider it features around 25% more GPU cores over the GTX 780 (2,880 vs 2,304). There's also 4GB of GDDR5 on-board memory, but the same not-inconsiderable 250W power draw.
Naturally the card also features Nvidia's G-SYNC tech, which essentially synchronises the monitor's refresh rate to the GPU's render rate meaning that images appear the instant they are rendered. Nvidia reckons that this leads to smoother gameplay and sharper objects.

                           The 780Ti features an aluminium cover, backlit GeForce GTX logo and clear polycarbonate window

Variants of the GeForce GTX 780 Ti are available today from suppliers including Asus, EVGA, Gainward, KFA2, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit, PNY, Point Of View and Zotac. For a limited time some cards will include a free copy of Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist.
Nvidia tells us the card will also be sold in built systems from vendors including Scan, Overclockers and PC Specialist.
We'll bring you a full review in due course on TechRadar.

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Top 10 best selling pc games of all time

This a top 10 list about best selling pc games all the time including windows,mac and linux the sales from steam are not counted .

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

in the first place we find the sims 2 with 20 million copies sold this version of the series the sims was released September 14 ,2004 

top 10 best selling pc games of all time
In second place we find the other sims series with 16 million copies sold this version of the series the sims was released February 4,2000 

top 10 best selling pc games of all time
In third place minecraft with 12.7 million copies sold this construction game that looks stupid first but it's very addictive  is famous with her multiplayer mode that 3.2m players play minecraft daily.

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

in fourth place comes diablo 3 with 12 million copies sold the third episode of the series diablo is released by activision on may 15,2012

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

In fifth place we find the second release of the version battlefield with 11 million copies sold world wide released june 21,2005

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

We find again in the sixth place the 3rd episode of the series the sims with 10 million copies sold world wide this version was released june 2,2009
top 10 best selling pc games of all time

We find in the seven place the famous fps game half-life with 9.3 million copies sold since November 

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

In the eight place we find guild wars with 6.5 million copies sold in only north-America europe and asia 
the game was out the april 28,2005 

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

In the nine place we find puzzle,graphic adventure gamer myst with 6 million copies sold world wide the game was out september24,1993

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

In the ten place we find riven an adventure game published by red orb entertainment in october 29,1997 is the second episode of the series the myst sold 4.5 million copies all over the world

top 10 best selling pc games of all time

Action Games

PC gamers have got a pretty great thing going. Interesting, experimental indie games? Yup. The shiniest, most visually impressive versions of big-budget games? Yeah, they get a lot of those, too.
Let's say you've recently joined the ranks of the PC elite. What games should you install? Start out with the dynamic dozen below.
The 12 Best Games on PC1

An expansive world, hundreds of hours of content, the limitless potential of mods and nobody telling you how to enjoy it. Skyrim is almost the perfect example of a perfect PC game. It's testament to a game's pull that, years after its release, people are still talking about it and exploring it like it was brand new.
A Good Match For: Anyone who loves adventure. And freedom. Skyrim drops you in a world and lets you get on with it. You can walk around picking flowers, or you can fight giant dragons. Up to you.
Not a Good Match For: Those looking for a tight, linear experience. This isn't something that'll hold your hand and that you can be done with in a weekend. You don't buy Skyrim. You invest in the days/weeks/months you'll lose playing it.
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Image via Dead End Thrills.
The 12 Best Games on PC3

You're sprinting around the battlefield, running on walls, jetpack-jumping over steep drops, and shooting at enemy soldiers. You press a button, and a giant robot drops out of orbit right in front of you. It grabs you and places you in its cockpit, and now… you're driving the giant robot, marauding through the same battlefield. You see your friend's giant robot and the two of you link up and storm the enemy base. That's Titanfall.
While that formula sounds like a winner—and it is—the real thing that Titanfall has going for it is that, well, it's just a hell of a lot of fun to play. It's welcoming to newcomers in a way that competitive online first-person shooters rarely are, and even the greenest players get to feel like they're contributing to their team's victories. The controls are incredibly well-tuned. The robot titans are fun to pilot but it's just as fun to be on-foot, thanks to the gymnastics, leaps, and wall-runs that the playable pilots can do. Exciting, satisfying, intense, and often hilarious, Titanfall is everything that a multiplayer action game should be.
A Good Match For: Anyone who's ever wanted to drive a giant robot.4
Not a Good Match For: Those hoping for a game with a meaningful story, and those who really and truly aren't good at first-person shooters. While Titanfall is definitely more welcoming than your average online FPS, it's still a competitive skill-based game and the best players still come out on top.
Watch it in action.
Read our review of the Xbox One version.
Study our tips for the game.
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The 12 Best Games on PC

The legendary turn-based strategy series changed things up significantly with Civilization V to make would-be world domination tons more streamlined. Maps are easier to navigate, crucial information flows easier and it's the best-looking entry in the family tree. And now with two terrific expansions in Gods & Kings and Brave New World, Civ V is meatier, more complex, and easier to recommend than ever.
A Good Match for: Event planners. Like a wedding or a milestone birthday party, Civilization V's all about knowing your guests and what they need to have a good time. Of course, those "guests" are rival nations and "a good time" is submitting to the power of your empire.
Not a Good Match For: Those who want the older Civ games. Civilization V is no incremental sequel, and the difference could alienate die-hard fans of the historical franchise.56
Read our review of the latest expansion.
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The 12 Best Games on PC

In 2010, Square Enix launched Final Fantasy XIV Online, and it was just the worst thing ever — buggy, over-complicated, unfinished — a mess. The developers spent three years rebuilding the game from the ground up, and the end result is one of the finest massively multiplayer online role-playing games ever made. It's everything fans love about Final Fantasy — lush artwork, strong story, gorgeous music — only bigger, all wrapped around a traditional MMO framework. It's that Square Enix polish that sets it apart from other games in the genre, earning it a spot in the Bests.
A Good Match For: Fans of fantasy role-playing video games looking to take the massively multiplayer plunge. The original Final Fantasy XIV was a tangled mess of conflicting ideas, when all players wanted was a standard MMO game with the familiar features of a Final Fantasy game.That's exactly what Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is.
Not a Good Match For: Folks afraid of monthly subscriptions. Despite the MMORPG genere as a whole moving towards free-to-play payment models, Final Fantasy XIV stands firm by it's $14.95 monthly subscription plan. 78
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Gone Home isn't quite like any other game on any other platform. It doesn't require the player to to fight off enemies or decode difficult puzzles—rather, it tasks them with exploring a house and piecing together the story of those who lived in it. It takes the types of environmental exploration popularized by games like System Shock and BioShock and puts them in an entirely new context. The central relationship—a high school romance between two young girls—is the kind of thing you'll rarely see explored in a video game. And the peripheral stories, the stories of Sam and Katie's parents, are often just as affecting, provided you look in the right nooks and crannies. Gone Home is a fine example of the sorts of daring, experimental games only happening on PC, and feels like a door opening to all sorts of new experiences.
A Good Match For: Those looking for something new, 90s aficionados, anyone who had an awkward adolescence, anyone who's ever wished a BioShock game would ditch the combat.
Not a Good Match For: Those who want a long game—Gone Home packs a punch, but it only takes a few hours to play through it. It's also not for those hoping for complex puzzles or challenging gameplay—it's a "challenging" game, but not in the way games traditionally challenge players.
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The 12 Best Games on PC

Gordon Freeman's second FPS foray often gets name-checked as one of the best games of all time and with good reason. Half-Life 2's 2004 release marks the moment that first-person games took their first steps towards subtlety, with character development getting as much of an upgrade as the graphics and gameplay.
A Good Match For: Method actors. The crowbar-wielding theoretical physicist you play as never talks but the characters and environment surrounding him do such a good job of telling you about the world and Gordon that you lose yourself in the character.
Not a Good Match For: Those who want a done-in-one experience. All the Half-Life games weave together to tell a larger story and they're all so good that there's no way you'll be able to walk away from City 17 and the world surrounding it. Luckily, you can get them the titles on Valve's Steam service, in either the Orange Box—which also contains the excellent Portal—or in the Half-Life Complete bundle.
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The best way to explain Minecraft's success is to see it as tapping into humanity's need to build huge outlandish structures. Indie designer Markus Persson's hit title has let people recreate everything from the Death Star to retro video game levels, while also providing a survival adventure mechanic to keep things interesting.
A Good Match for: Frustrated urban planners. Aside from the dodging the game's monstrous green Creepers, all you need to build your Tower of Babel is patience and time.
Not a Good Match For: Those who want hi-res graphics. Part of Minecraft's charm is in its blown-out pixellated aesthetics so, if you prefer a steady diet of Unreal Engine-powered content, pass up Mojang's sandbox phenomenon.
Watch it in action.
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It's one of very few video games that can be called a national obsession. Elite players of Blizzard's real-time strategy sequel can out-earn corporate middlemen in China or Korea, but the sci-fi conflict simulator's most significant currency is the devotion from millions all over the world.
A Good Match for: Jugglers. Succeeding in StarCraft II means waging war on multiple fronts as you keep an eye on resources, deployment, defense and offense in skirmishes where you can be overrun in an instant.
Not a Good Match For: Those hoping for a gentle introduction. New participants to the Starcraft multiplayer experience will get chewed up as they learn the strengths and weaknesses of the Zerg, Protoss and Terran factions.
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Dragon Age: Origins may not be the most technically dazzling RPG on the PC, but it remains a particularly dense and satisfying one. Billed as BioWare's spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, Origins combined difficult tactical combat with a branching, fascinating story that was constantly shifting to react to your decisions. The world it presented was unbound by a clear-cut morality system, and its story sprawled far beyond the tale of the Grey Wardens and the Darkspawn. Beneath the high-fantasy sturm und drang lay a number of interesting personal stories—Shale, Leliana, Morrigan and Alistar are all beloved characters for a reason, and despite the death, loss and heartbreak, Origins could be a sublimely funny game. The wide variety of origin stories meant that every playthrough felt quite a bit different. (Dwarf Noble was the best, just FYI.) These days the game comes in an "Ultimate Edition" that includes a massive chunk of add-on content, giving new players hundreds of hours of possible gameplay. The sequel may have been a disappointment and the coming third game is a promising-looking question mark, but Origins remains a stalwart PC RPG.
A Good Match For: Those looking for a massive game to dive into, Game of Thrones fans, people who thought dwarves always get overlooked by fantasy stories.
Not a Good Match For: Anyone strapped for time, people who want an action-RPG, folks who don't want a game that puts up a fight, elf-racists, those who don't like silent protagonists.
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The 12 Best Games on PC

You can almost hear the battle cries and smell the gunpowder in Creative Assembly's newest strategy game, which gives players the goal of ascending to supreme military domination against rival feudal lords. Improvements in AI behavior and the introduction of skills allocation let you be a more flexible commander than in previous Total War games.
A Good Match For: Akira Kurosawa fans. Some of the Japanese director's best dramas took place in Japan's feudal period and this Total War game gives a big-picture view as the kinds of conflicts that daimyo and samurai soldiers fought in. Everything about Shogun 2—from the artwork to soundtrack to overarching gameplay goals—puts you inside a living history lesson.
Not a Good Match For: Anyone hoping to rule the world. You only get one country to dominate in TW:S2 game, unlike Empire where the entire globe was your battlefield.
Read our review of the latest expansion.
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The 12 Best Games on PC

Call it the Superman 2 or Empire Strikes Back of video games. Valve's follow-up to a classic improves on the humor, characterization and puzzle-solving of its predecessor to deliver a tight, focused experience full of poignancy and humor.
A Good Match for: Comedy lovers. The voicework alone—performed in stellar fashion by Stephen Merchant and Ellen McLain—will make you laugh out loud but the brain-teasing puzzles and embedded gags keep the chuckles coming even when everything else in the game goes quiet.15
Not a Good Match For: Mediocrity fans. People who argue with Portal 2's greatness are like folks complaining that diamonds came from dirt. Their argument is invalid.
Read our review.
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The 12 Best Games on PC

Our game of the year for 2012, XCOM: Enemy Unknown may be well known thanks to the rare success of a turn-based strategy game on consoles. But XCOM's true home is the PC, and Enemy Unknown honors its heritage with dramatic tension and decision-making that truly feels consequential. Tasked with repelling an alien invasion of earth, some of your most precipitous choices take place away from the battlefield, in choosing what weapons systems to fund, which country to rescue from an alien incursion, and which ally you simply cannot help. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is also a rarity in that it features both a compelling story and near endless replayability. In 2013, Firaxis added Enemy Within, a sizable expansion that adds a ton of new abilities, enemies, maps and challenges to an already substantial game.
A Good Match for: Gamers who love a good challenge and have a good imagination, to support the overall context with their own emergent narrative. The investment in individual soldiers becomes nearly emotional, and losing them in battle can be agonizing. A good does of patience and perspective is needed, too. You will not win every match. Everyone will not stay in the alliance. Sometimes, you'll feel set up to fail. You can still prevail in the end.
Not a Good Match For: Those looking for fast-paced action, or who expect to grind their way to overwhelming victory on the battlefield. The game often throws more at you than you can handle with headlong force. Thinking about your next move is where the gameplay is, more than making it, and XCOM really connects your battlefield choices back to ones you made at HQ. "Why didn't I research plasma weapons?!

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